Monday, 8 December 2008


Originally, I had low expectations

So last night I watched a DVD copy of Juno. I had no expectations for the film, but I had been previously disappointed by Napoleon Dynamite (another flick that Fox Searchlight Pictures had picked up), so I was perhaps a little apprehensive of another film looking at teenage life in America that failed to deal with the issues put forward in the film itself.

I enjoyed the film
I found the film amazing. The film wasn't a straightforward comedy, but a comedy drama. You are presented with the very serious subject of teenage pregnancy, but the film is not all doom and gloom. Actually it was nice to watch a media text that dealt with teen pregnancy that was not entirely negative about the subject.

Last word
In all, Juno is a film that is really life affirming. Oh, and if you're wondering why Juno didn't get an abortion, well it's represented quite clearly just how unnerving she found the abortion clinic.

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