Monday, 26 January 2009

Being Human on BBC3

Going beyond the pilot
So after a slight change of cast from the pilot that was screened in February last year, a full six part series was commissioned by the BBC. Tonight the first episode was aired.

What an interesting group: a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost, all living together. Oh, and the vampire can handle daylight. All three trying not to be a stereotype.

Unlike so many British shows these days, the acting on this was of a really nice quality. Things don't feel forced and false such as on another BBC show, in the same vein, Torchwood. It's not completely there, but it's an improvement.

It has the slight impending apocalypse theme that a lot of shows with supernatural based storylines tend to go for. I'll forgive them for this staple.

How many episodes to this season?

Am I going to continue watching it?
Yeah. Reminds me of another good supernatural series that the BBC once had (Strange). So far Being Human has an almost equal level of creepiness that this previous show had, a creepiness factor that I like.

There's also some nice metaphors and allegories running about the place too.

Check it out on iPlayer, if you've missed the first episode.

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