Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I have a confession to make...

OK I could put this on (actually I can't because the site is defunct... don't go there at the moment, especially if you don't want bad things to happen to your computer), but then I'd rather put it here.

You see, I have a confession to make about some of my viewing habits.

I am really fond of action movies in general, but in particular I am a big fan of movies starring one actor. He's a dynamo at martial arts, speaks fluent Japanese, and he also plays the blu

His name is Steven Seagal.

Now I did not realise that I was a fan until earlier last year. I'd been catching bits and pieces of his films strewn across Five, Five US and Virgin 1. Always, I had flipped over to the channel too late to watch the whole film, but after finding that I liked what I did see, I decided to search the Rad
io Times every week until I found one of his films airing and then made a point to watch it.

I watched Under Siege. It was awesome.

I can't say that I find Seagal attractive, the guy is older than my Father, so that's not why I love to watch his films. What I love about his films is that you know that when someone breaks the law in front of him, or acts like an asshole around him, that they are going to have their ass kicked quite promptly, and thoroughly. In some cases this results in the death of antagonists, but Seagal's characters only ever seem to kill people who have already killed people.

The same could be said of the likes of Chuck Norris, however, I have issues with Norris's personal beliefs. Some may also say that Seagal is a bad actor, and that he always plays the same roles. Thing is, Seagal was trained in martial arts way before he ever began to act, and he appears to relish playing the roles that he puts himself into.

So there's my confession. I am a fan of Steven Seagal. Before Christmas last year I purchased a boxset of his films, and I'm currently working my way through watching them. Hurrah for action films.

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