Sunday, 25 January 2009

Skins, series 3, episode 1

SKINS, is back
So, I've just finished watching the first episode, repeated on E4. I'm still waiting for more of what we saw in the last two series.

How was it?
There was a farcical nature to this first episode. Yes it did make for some pretty comedic moments, but I kind of hope each episode is not like it. The characters are just about believable, from the main group of teenagers, through to the adults and teachers.

What do you think is going to happen to them?
In this first episode most of the teens were pretty confident about themselves, about what they wanted and how to go about getting it. I think we're going to see some big falls for the characters, else there will be no drama, no conflict, and most importedly: no growing up (character development).

Fave character so far?
Freddie, he's an accomplished skateboarder. His opening scene must have been one of the most difficult to film.

Should we watch it?
People who haven't seen the past two series, don't necessarily need to have seen them to watch the new one. If you haven't seen them, you'll just miss out on recognising previously established characters, but that doesn't seem to be a huge issue so far. If you like watching teenagers get up to all sorts of shenanigans, and being reminded of what sixth-form/further education was like, then you'll probably enjoy this.

Why do I watch SKINS?
'Cause it reminds me of the further education college I went to: friends, drugs, sex, drink and death.

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