Thursday, 29 January 2009

Taking my time with Episode 2

What, eh?
Yes, taking my time. I'm getting there, but I desperately want a rocket launcher that I've found in a near unreachable place, and I can't bring myself to look at a gamefaq.


For the uninitiated these are online guides/walkthroughs that explain how to complete an entire game, from maps, to items, to how to work out puzzles, to tactics for defeating bosses and normal enemies. FAQ stands for: frequently asked questions.

What you'll find is there are user wiki (as in Wikipedia style) pages on games generated by fans, or walkthrough entries on GameFAQs. If I can't find a decent guide on GameFAQs, I'll resort to looking for wikis via a search engine, and after that... well... the web in general.

Will I preservere?
I'm going to complete this game, but I know from the past two games in Half-Life 2 that I need that rocket launcher. The puzzle will not stump me forever.

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