Friday, 13 February 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

I went to see a 'romantic'/'chick flick' film
Yeah... I don't feel proud about it. Though they have been promoting this film for not falling into numerous clich├ęs chick flicks tend to tumble down into.

Did I actually like it?
Well, I found it a bit hard to get into, because I'm not used to dealing with films that have their story/stories arranged into a load of miniplots. OK, so I watched Burn After Reading last year, but the miniplots in that film had greater links between them.

Uh, what are 'miniplots'?
A film with miniplots, is a film that doesn't have a single main character, and a single main story to be told. Films structured out of miniplots tend to have one theme that all the stories within it follow, and most of the characters presented are of equal importance.

So, what's it about?
A load of people who just aren't that good at relationships with the opposite sex.

Would I recommend it?
It's sort of a date film, but not for couples who haven't been going out for very long... mostly due to the amount of break-ups that place in the film. If you want to have a romantic Valentine's Day with someone special, don't go and see this film, unless you want to see something that breaks with convention.

Oh, and supposedly it's an adaptation from a popular novel.

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