Wednesday, 11 February 2009

People are finally speaking out?

Please say the end is nigh for boring books that teach kids how to read
Slowly a low rumbling noise over the issue is rolling out across the land. Take a look here for the dissent that is finally being heard.

I have something against books such as these
When I was in primary school, I learnt to read a bit from these sorts of books, but quickly found them to be boring and uninteresting. Only my grandparents and I had the foresight to let me read more mainstream novels for children, and so I ended up with a pretty advanced reading age when I left primary school.

However, I repeatedly had to fight for the right to read books that I wanted to read when I was in primary school. They relented a little when they saw that I was reading things such as Dinotopia, The Secret Garden and The Fox Busters.

So what do I say?
I would only use structured books to teach some of the basics of books and then just go on to more commercial books for children. The set learning books are truly boring and they do stop children from enjoying reading, and I should know, I was one of those children.

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