Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Cop Out is out! (US so far, UK soon)

What's he been up to?
If, like me, you're a bit of a Kevin Smith fan and yet still fail to listen to SModcast on a regular basis, then like me you may not have realised that the man's latest directorial piece is screening in the US already.  That's right. Kevin Smith is the director of the new comedy Cop Out.

Written by Robb and Mark Cullen, starring Bruce Willis (not the first time he's appeared in a Kevin Smith film) and Tracy Morgan, it is currently out in the US where the usual mix reviews from critics are taking place.  Of course, like any Kevin Smith fan knows, the critics just don't like Smith and haven't done so since Mallrats, (them liking Dogma was just a blip).

What's it about?
The film revolves around two cops tracking down a rare baseball card, whilst dealing with a damsel in distress and gangsters. 

Release date for UK
It should be out in the UK Friday 16th April, according to Screenrush.  However, if you happen to live in Cornwall, then goodness knows when the film will be screened, because in my past experience the cinemas down here never seemed keen enough to show films that have been made by Kevin Smith (Zack and Miri is a prime example of this). 

Anyway, check out the Related links for an interview with Kevin Smith over at LA Times, where he talks about Cop Out and the now infamous air travel incident.

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