Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Valve goodness on your Mac?

Word is...
Valve are bringing Half Life 2 games, Left 4 Dead series, Team Fortress 2, Portal (and its upcoming sequel), plus a host of other games and Steam to Apple's Mac computers next month.  Finally the Freeman will be swinging his crowbar from on high across the highly aesthetic screens of Apple's larger hardware.

Benefits for Mac users
Turns out that if someone has previously bought a Windows copy of a game via Steam, then they will be able to re-download the game for their Mac free of charge.  And servers for Windows and Mac users will be fully-integrated.

A whole new level of fanboyism awaits...
I thought it was bad enough listening to, and reading about, console owners attacking each other over their hardware choices.  Now I foresee a future where taunts will revolve around Windows and Mac users insulting each other to new levels, and it was already bad enough now.

This is definitely good news for Mac users, and while I cannot support their choice of operating system, I do believe in decent gaming access for all.  Now would someone please explain to me how a Mac user is meant to cope without having easy access to a mouse's right click, (shift on the keyboard and click mouse = naff), whilst running around on Team Fortress 2, hmmmm?

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