Friday, 12 March 2010

Role Models (2008)

Looking for a bargain DVD?
For my first review here, I suggesting that you try this comedy starring a group of people familiar with modern American Comedies: Sean William Scott (from American Pie, Road Trip and soon to be in the new Cop Out), Paul Rudd (from Friends, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and 40 Year Old Virgin) and a few others, (Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Superbad, Elizabeth Banks Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Scrubs and Jane Lynch, 40 Year Old Virgin and Glee). You might have several moments of pointing at the television saying "Ah! It's that dude!"

So what is it actually about?
So two guys walk into a... Well, school. You see from the start, the two main characters are teaching kids not to do drugs, whilst selling dubious energy drinks. They have a bad day (not giving too much of the plot away) and face either jail time or being placed into a special programme. This special programme sees them becoming the role models that the title implies.

Is it actually any good?
Short answer: yes. Long answer: Indeed it is. The characters themselves, although flawed in equal and opposite ways, are fairly likable, the situations are often humorous and the moral of the story is well established. It's kind of like a buddy movie - with kids.

Going with the genre comes a certain level of expectations, including some slightly unrealistic and usual ones, such as a general sense of catharsis and character mirroring.

Character Mirroring? You've just made that up!
Yes I have, but allow me to explain. In real life, the ups and downs that make peoples lives are usually independent and not in synchronisation. In this film, they are very much in synchronisation - when one is character is down, so is the other. When they both screw up, they both, independently come to their own epiphanies and try to fix things, despite often not being in contact with ea
ch other for a while.

So why would it appeal to me?
If you're looking for a heart-warming comedy, something cheap to buy or rent on a Friday night, then this could be for you. It has likable characters, and a general feel good factor, without the need to stereotype or vilify a specific group of people. Overall, it's a comedy that won't go too far wrong, and although there a few cringe-worthy moments, overall you won't be bored or even worse, hating the characters and not caring about them.

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