Monday, 8 March 2010

What's Random House up to?

The publishing giants...
Random House, in the US at least, has set its sights on going into the video games biz.  Well, actually they already own the Prima strategy guides imprint, so it's not like the company as a whole is new to games.

Wall Street Journal
Let the story out originally, last week, with some quick words from the people responsible for this addition to the Random House portfolio.  So far RH has teamed up with Stardock Corp, a US game development company.  In the future RH are hoping to put together a horror thriller title and a fantasy title.

What this means
Well, a huge advantage of having one of the largest publishing houses in the world working on games is that they have access to huge amount of already published material from which games could be based on.  Not only that, but the number of authors that specialise in the genres that video games tend to draw on are many as well.  This potentially means that RH could be leading the way with heavily story driven games, with well plotted stories and believable characters.

Story is not everything though
There are plenty of mainstream video gaming titles released each year that could always do with a story/plot clean up, so masters of story creation getting involved in the industry is a good thing.  However, RH will have to remember that there will always be some stories that are far suited to one medium than another.

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