Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Johnny Storm to play Captain America!

Kind of...
Variety has just reported that actor Chris Evans, is going to star as Captain America in The First Avenger: Captain America, which Marvel is hoping to release during the summer of next year.  He'll also play Cap in several other Avenger themed movies.  Obviously Evans doesn't have much in the way of plans to reprise his role as Johnny Storm/Human Torch of the Fantastic Four... (I assume.)

Further examination of the Variety article points to Hugo Weaving taking up the role as Captain America's arch-nemesis the Red Skull.  An Australian playing a German, this should be interesting.

Marvel news...
I like Marvel, but I'm not just a fan of their comics, I like other publishers' works too.  Just, they have a lot of news going for them at the moment.

Am I the only one who can foresee some level of confusion when the film comes out? Oh, I am, well okay.  "Flame on!... sorry I mean..."

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