Saturday, 6 March 2010


Hopefully, at a cinema near you this weekend
Doing my usual Orange Wednesday thing this week, involved seeing this delightful little gem.  Now for just one moment, ignore that Disney have had a hand in distributing this in the West, okay and getting it dubbed too, and realise that this is a Studio Ghibli film.  You know, that awesome Japanese animation studio that has brought the world such delights as Spirited Away and The Cat Returns.

What's it about?
Set in a small coastal town in Japan, a little boy named Sōsuke finds a goldfish one day whilst out playing near his home.  Sōsuke decides to take care of the goldfish, whom he names Ponyo.  However, Ponyo is not quite what she seems, and soon the very balance of nature itself is thrown out of whack and five year old Sōsuke has to make some very tough decisions.

Who's going to watch this?
Well, any Studio Ghibli fan is probably going to, if they haven't already.  As to joe public, if you want to watch a film that has a storyline that's like the Little Mermaid only way better, because it's the fantastical bought into our mundane world, the you and your kids will probably like it.

Look out...
Okay, I'll admit for those not used to watching Studio Ghibli films that the story can get a little confusing at times, but stay put and hopefully during the course of this film you'll laugh and cry or maybe do both at the same time.  If the story is too much for you, then just admire the spectacularly high quality animation.

Where's it showing?
Well, people who live in my home county can catch it at the Truro Plaza at 12:45pm Saturday 6th March and Sunday 7th March, and it's on over at the Phoenix Cinema in Falmouth daily at 5pm, and 12:30pm and 2:45pm on Saturday and Sunday.

As to all of you outside of Cornwall, I suspect it will be on at your nearest multiplex or indy cinema.

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