Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The anticipation is killing me?

Tickets are booked
That's right, my tickets have been booked for the late screening this Saturday at my local cinema. Managed to get my favourite seats in the largest screen. And no, I didn't have to bribe anyone to do this.

But my guy and I were the first ones to book seats for that screening. We would have gone on Friday, however we do the weekly shop on Friday evenings, and even though the choice between Watchmen and food was a difficult one to make, food won that round. Food only just won, though.

Not long now
Thank goodness I've got loads of good books and games to keep me distracted until Saturday. Oh, and Dexter is on tomorrow night, so watching my favourite sociopath should help me sleep better, I'm sure.

Though I do have a driving lesson Saturday afternoon. Maybe if I try really hard, I can imagine the car as the thing Night Owl in Watchmen drives/hovers/flies around in.

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