Monday, 9 March 2009

In which are heroine gets bitten on the neck, again and again...

When survival horror is f*****g scary
I have started playing through Resident Evil, the remake version that was released for the Nintendo Game Cube. And seriously, I have never been so scared whilst playing a computer game.

Things I've noticed
Your weapons are pathetic against the undead horde in this game. There's tonnes of puzzles. The undead are pretty fast for rotting corpses, and all you can really do is just try and dodge them.

I have an inkling of the things that are awaiting me once I get further into the game. Things are just going to get worse.

I'm going to try and finish it
I will try to finish this game, but don't expect to see a review on it in the next week. Plus Resident Evil 5 is out on Friday, and I've been saving my GAME card points to spend on it, all £22.50 worth of points. So I kind of know what I'll be playing Friday night.

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  1. ok, Resident Evil is actually a scary game! Anyone who says otherwise is a disaffected sad sack.

  2. I know!

    I've played the older version of the game, but the remake for GC just made it even scarier. You just have so little control over what happens to you.