Tuesday, 17 March 2009

An unfortunate title

So I was mooching around on Apple Trailers, when I came across this:
Am I the only one with a dirty mind here?
If Disney have never made a film with a title that sounds like a porno before, they have now.

I know that g-force is also a measure of gravitational pull (or something like that), but yeah with this logo it looks too much like a porno. And I don't care if the film is about guinea pigs, it just shouldn't have this title.

Sounds like

I'm pretty sure of what part of the female anatomy this sounds like, and it sounds like a porno about that part and it's set in space, and the logo would mean high production values as well. In fact as a porno title, it probably exists.

I just hope they change the name for the UK release...

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