Friday, 6 March 2009

The Ex (or Fast Track)

I'm a victim of cheap DVDs
OK, maybe not a victim. I chose to buy it, yes, there was a conscious decision involved somewhere down the line.

The film?
Right. This is a comedy that came out a few years ago. It follows a couple as they come to terms with their roles in life after they have a baby, well at least I'm sure that would have been the pitch on a proposal form somewhere down the line.

Is it funny?
Yes and no. It's not the most impressive American comedy to ever be produced, and most of the humour seems to come at the expense of one particular character, rather than an assortment of the cast.

The Ex is also incredibly short: 78 minutes.

Not recommended
You can go and watch it if you want, but I'd rather watch Garden State if I want to see Zach Braff in a film. Seriously.

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