Monday, 16 March 2009

Resident Evil 5

Well, some of my story ideas were right
Without spoiling too much, I did see this situation coming. Not that I'm proud that I guessed the story outline before I started playing the game. Though there were some surprises for me in terms of motivation for the main antagonist.

In essence: Counter bio-terrorism agent Chris Redfield is sent to a province in Africa to look into reports of potential bio-terrorist attacks in this unstable region. Chris is teamed with Sheva Alomar to help though the tasks ahead. Soon it's pretty obvious that the shit has hit the fan.

How did it play?
As of yet I have only played this with another person. The two player co-op mode, offline, is lovely, but I have no idea as to how good the computer player is. I'll probably find out sometime in the next few weeks, though it is definitely awesome to play with another human being right beside you.

In comparison to RE4?
It's a different game to Resident Evil 4, due to having two playable characters through out the entire game, and it has tonnes more extras. I believe it may be a longer game as well, however there's no overall completion time given whenever you complete an entire play through.

Are you addicted to it yet?
I have, in the past, suffered major addiction issues with Resident Evil 4, (I just couldn't get enough of Leon), but as of yet I haven't felt hugely compelled to go back to it during every waking moment. I am typing this after all.

The game does have tonnes of replay value though. You can't just play it through once, due to all the extras.

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