Sunday, 8 March 2009

Resident Evil 0

Yes, survival horror computer games...
I'm amazed that I got the two main characters, Billy and Rebecca, through this game. Zombies and mutated freaks, plus lots of confusing puzzles, can make for a deadly combination for any computer game avatar.

What's the game about?
You play as Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen. Rebecca is a member of S.T.A.R.S., acting as a medic, S.T.A.R.S. is a tactical unit with police and military aspects in its operations. Billy Coen was a Lieutenant in the US Marines, but no longer is by the start of the game.

The two main characters are thrust together as a series of bizarre and horrifying events threaten their lives. They flee from one location to another, trying to escape a biological nightmare that has been cooked up under the folds of Umbrella (a great big global corporation with interests in bio tech).

It's not the original first game in the series
The aim for this game was to provide more back story to the Resident Evil franchise. In this game you learn more about the origins of the T virus, and its creators, and just how
the events in the original game, Resident Evil, were able to take place.

What system do you play it on?
Resident Evil 0 is a game by Capcom made for the Nintendo Game Cube, but can be played on a Nintendo Wii as well, with either a Game Cube controller or a Classic Controller.

Why play the game?
Apart from the adrenaline that gets pumping as you dodge zombies, mutated apes, leeches, dogs, frogs, spiders, etc., and all the puzzles that are satisfying (if not maddening) to solve... The story is a good reason to play: it adds to the other games in the series, and has a nice bit of mystery and character development as well. The story in this game also makes it easier to understand why Resident Evil 5 is set in Africa.

I certainly enjoyed playing this.

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