Friday, 13 March 2009

Forget the first game for the moment...

Beside me on the sofa ('couch' for my US readers)
Is my newly bought 360 copy of Resident Evil 5, in a nice collector's box. I haven't started playing it yet.

But I still need to finish playing RESIDENT EVIL
True, but there's no way I can stop myself or my boyfriend from playing this game together tonight. Yes I am actually holding out on playing this.

What about the racism issues?
I'm not a black African, so I can't make any real judgement on this game, its setting and the minor antagonists portrayed in regards to this issue. However, in terms of Resident Evil's story arcs, the game had to end up in Africa at some point. Parts in the earlier games, and Wesker's Report, hinted that the original virus used components from Ebola samples that had been taken from hosts in Africa. In a way, then, it's the big evil coming home to roost.

Plot speculation - spoilers warning
From what I know of the story in the franchise I think it's quite possible that Albert Wesker, who originally helped Umbrella at some level in the development of the various viruses that have featured in the games, who has for some time appeared to be trying to dominate the world from the shadows, has cross infected the Las Plagas parasite from Resident Evil 4 with one of the original, or an altered version, of the viruses featured in the original games and Resident Evil Degeneration. Wesker has taken this BOW (biological weapon) to Africa to give it a test drive as to how effective a tool it could be.

So you're going to play it before you replay the other games?
Yes. I want to play on the two player mode, quite a bit.

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